MS Office 2013 & Internet

Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office System is a collection of computer programs made by Microsoft. The programs are created for all users.
Almost every office or home uses Microsoft Office package to perform various routine tasks such as drafting a letter, preparing a financial statement, creating a slide show, etc. Proficiency in MS Office is surely an added advantage.

Ms Word A basic software used by all computer users. We are using ms word in Creating Resumes, Portfolios, legal documents and business letters, Invitations, Publishing of Books, News Articles, and Blog Posts. Like that we are using ms word in all environments. That’s why every computer user must know Ms Word.

Ms Excel It is an electronic spreadsheet program that can be used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. Excel mainly used for data analysis purpose. By using financial and statistical functions we can analyze the data. For removing duplicate reports, filtering specific records from data we are using excel. For Storing data in systematic way we are using excel.

MS Powerpoint For developing professional-looking presentations we are using PowerPoint.

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2 Months (1½ hour/day on weekdays)


One-on-One : 6500
Group : 4500


Course completion certificate which can be validated online

Become an expert in using word processing features, perform calculations & develop powerful presentations using MS Office

Get to know about the alternative softwares

Understanding and becoming familiar with common uses of internet and the web

Course Coverage
MS Word 2013, MS Exce 2013, MS PowerPoint 2013, Internet Basics
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* Fundamentals of Computers, Working with a Mouse
* Accessories: Paint, WordPad, Control Panel, Desktop Features
* Windows Explorer: File & Directory Management


* Introduction to Microsoft Word 2013
* Working with Documents and the Keyboard
* Navigating Through a Word Document
* Basic Text Editing
* Text Formatting
* Paragraph Formatting
* More Ways to Format Text and Paragraphs
* Style Formatting
* Page Formatting
* Templates
* Working With Graphics and Pictures
* Tables
* Desktop Publishing
* Long Documents
* Technical Documents
* Mail Merge
* Proofing, Printing, and Publishing
* Comparing, Merging, and Protecting Documents
* Customizing and Expanding Word


* Introduction to MS Excel 2013
* Navigating Excel 2013
* Worksheets and Workbooks
* Entering Information into MS Excel 2013
* Introduction to Working With Cells, Rows, and Columns
* Formatting Data and Cells
* Formatting Rows and Columns
* Editing Cells, Rows, Columns, and Worksheets
* Introduction to Formulas and Calculations
* Maintaining Worksheets
* Adding Images and Graphics
* Charts and Diagrams
* Creating Data Lists
* Managing Data
* Pivot Tables and Charts
* Printing Worksheets and Workbooks
* Templates
* Protecting, Saving, and Sharing Workbooks


* Introduction to PowerPoint 2013
* The Basics of Creating Presentations
* Applying Themes and Layouts to Slides
* Working with Objects
* Entering, Editing, and Formatting Text
* Working in Outline View
* Proofing Presentations
* Notes
* Inserting Pictures, Graphics, Shapes, and Other Things
* Inserting Tables Into Presentations
* Charts and SmartArt
* Adding Sound and Video
* Adding Transitions and Animation
* Master Slides
* Printing and Running Slide Shows
* Saving, Sharing, and Exporting Presentations


* Web Browsers, Connecting to Internet
* Surfing, Searching the Net
* Emailing: Send, Receive, Attach Files, Security Features
* Chatting, Downloading, Torrents, Web Radio
* Social Networking
* e-Shopping & Auction online

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn MS Office?

Used by 90% of Companies Worldwide: Microsoft Office is the most widely used tool for sharing/presenting professional information by a number of companies in the world. All computer based professionals today are very familiar with Office. It has been designed to be extremely user interactive and powerful. This is why the users are very productive with Office. It also offers great compatibility. Office is compatible with the major operating systems i.e. Windows and Apple's Mac. Office files can be accessed, edited and shared anywhere.

What are the job opportunities?

In current market with job crisis, knowledge of Microsoft Office tools is very essential. Documentation, data handling and presentation is the need of every existing business. Hence the importance of MS Office tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint is quite significant. Knowledge of Ms Office tools thus gives you more chances of employment in any domain.

What is the outcome of the course?

Our MS Office training will help you to learn all aspects of MS Office 2013 functionalities from the beginning.


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