C is structured Programming language which provides environment to develop applications from super computers to embedded systems.
C is most popular and widely used programming Language. The C Language is developed for creating system applications that direct interact to the hardwares such as drivers.

Whether you are experiened or not,This course will help you to learn C Programming at best level with very good understanding. If you are new to programming C is a very good choice to start. Almost we covered all the topics that are essentially need for current professional environment .

Course Details


Basic Computer Skills


1 Month (1½ hour/day on weekdays)


One-on-One : 5500
Group : 3000


Course completion certificate which can be validated online

Online quizzes and 15+ student assignments throughout the course

Weekly 2 hours compulsory practical session

Become familiar with the fundamental of programming concepts

Course Coverage
Introduction to C, Flow Control, Functions, Arrays, Pointers, Structures, Union, File Operations, Error Handling, Memory Management.
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* About C Programming
* Why we use C Programming
* C Compiler and Text Editor
* Compile and Execution


* C Program Structure
* Data types
* Variables
* Keywords
* Constants
* Literals
* Operators
* Format Specifiers
* Preprocessors
* Type casting
* Custom header file
* Storage class


* IF Statements
* IF-ELSE Statements
* NESTED-IF Statements
* SWITCH Statements
* NESTED-SWITCH Statements
* Replace IF-ELSE Statements by Operator


* BREAK,CONTINUE and GOTO Statements


* Function declaration
* Function types
* To call Methods
* Four methods of User defined function
* Recursive function
* Variable scope rules


* Introduction to Arrays
* Arrays types
* Two dimensional Arrays
* Multidimensional Arrays
* Passing and returning Arrays
* Pointer to an Arrays


* Brief About Pointers
* Procedure to use Pointers
* NULL Pointer
* Incrementing & Decrementing Pointers
* Arrays of pointer
* Passing & Returning Pointer
* Strings & String Functions


* Introduction to Structure
* Structure & Functions
* Structure & Pointers
* Brief About Union
* Accesing Union Members
* Enum
* Use Enum for fags
* Typedef
* Typedef vs #define


* Standard Files
* Input & Output functions
* File Input /output
* Binary I/O Functions


* Introduction to Error Handling
* About Error functions
* Divide by Zero Error
* Exit status


* Dynamic memory allocation
* Releasing & Resizing Memory

Students Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write programs on my own after taking this "C" course?

Yes, you can. In this course, You will be taught "C" language from the ground up. You will learn everything from the very fundamentals of programming right through to the complexities of pointers, addresses and File IO.
Here, we provide very effective, interactive and practical oriented training to the students. Since we primarily focus on practice sessions in lab, Students must be able to write their own programs.

Should I learn C or C++ first?

Learning C Before C++ Many beginning programmers will learn C before C++ due to the straightforwardness of the language. As a procedural language, it's often easier for beginners to grasp. It is a simpler language with fewer options and, consequently, it serves as a solid introduction to programming.

Learning C++ Before C For more advanced programmers who are already acclimated to object-oriented programming and procedural programming, learning C++ before C can be an understandable option. C++ is more often used in the programming world today and it is often considered the more robust language, even though C is better suited to some applications. Programmers interested in certain specific fields, such as the above-mentioned video game industry, may not have a use for C and, in fact, may never need to use it.

Is this course useful for my job interview ?

Yes, certainly. Since most interviews ask C & C++ with algorithms and pointers, this course will help you to solve all the technical terms and logical tasks.


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